A Romanian man driving from Italy back to Romania was stopped by the Hungarian Police at the border after their search revealed that the entire BMW X6 in the back of his Mercedes Sprinter was in fact a stolen vehicle wanted in Italy.

While Romania is part of the European Union, the Schengen Area of abolished border control ends with Hungary on the eastern side, so while driving through Italy, Austria/Slovenia and Hungary with a stolen vehicle might be slightly easier than before, the joyride ends on the other side of the country. In this case, at Nagylak.

Stolen vehicles are extremely hard to find because most of them get torn to pieces straight away and shipped far away from where they got stolen the day after. While I have no idea when this BMW X6 was nicked in Italy, we have to give some credit to the Romanian gentleman trusted with its transportation.


Not only did he make an X6 look better, but also managed to fit all of it's bloated mass into a twenty-year old Mercedes van. With the vehicle seized, his case is now on the table of the Schengen division of the Hungarian authorities.


Photo credit: Police.hu