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Here's FCA's Favorite 'Outrageous' Car Design Competition Winners

Illustration for article titled Heres FCAs Favorite Outrageous Car Design Competition Winners
Screenshot: trostlemark (Instagram)

FCA and Ram design bosses Ralph Gilles and Mark Trostle recently hosted a student competition for the “wickedest and most outrageous” Ram truck designs, and the winning results are truly that.


The Facebook sketch battle competition was in part to promote the Drive for Design FCA contest for high school students.


Between the two FCA design judges, the 10 winners were Paul Piliste, Rezo Lomaia, Michael Stanfel, Morten Rabiee, Joshua Reese, Bryan Johnson, Robin Mathew, Ricky Ryan Goimarac, Jon Sibal, and Sean Smith. Here are their designs, via Carscoops.

Here’s Trostle’s picks:

And here’s Gilles’ picks:


The designs range from Mars-rover-esque cab-over Ram designs, a Challenger crew cab ute, a more retro, almost Dakota-styled traditional pickup look, to a group of green and red boxy-future vehicles styled like Blade Runner or Halo, and some more really interesting traditional-styled trucks.

Unfortunately, the social media competitors don’t win anything, though the winners of the students competing in the official Drive for Design do have a chance to win an Apple iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, or a scholarship to attend the transportation design program at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. Sorry, social media folks. Your designs are cool.


I’m really glad to see these designers go big instead of go safe, and I particularly love the concept of a cabover electric Ram, to drive around my hypothetical future farm which I run off of solar panels, and maybe I start building my own log cabin to eventually replace my current house, like that guy I like to watch on YouTube.

As you can see these designs have inspired me.

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A Drop of Hell, A Touch of Strange

Not FCA but look upon his work ye tasteful and tremble:

If only the screaming chicken looked like this:

That’s the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl for those keeping score at home. Imagine the engine that should live under that!