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The iconic Toyota Supra is coming back soon, even if its extended rollout is getting increasingly tedious. Let’s pause for a moment to look at Supras past, starting with the 1978 Celica Supra featuring a top speed of 115 mph.

We’ve spilled much ink over a long period of time on the Supra, so, it goes without saying that the Supra is good, but what I’m more curious today is which generation Supra, aesthetically speaking, you think is best.

My ranking is thus:

4. First generation

Photo: All images Toyota


Looks cool, and big ups for the giant TOYOTA on the rear, but, still, someone had to come in last.

3. Fourth generation


This is the car that made Supras legendary, but its looks, to my eye, have always been too chunky, too rounded, too everything.

2. Second generation


What’s better than TOYOTA huge on the rear? SUPRA. SUPRA is better.

1. Third generation


Even the spoiler, which is perfectly balanced with the rest of the car’s design, works. I could do without the rear wiper, but this is Japanese grand touring design at its most beautiful.

Who you got?

Update: 2:59 p.m.: I swapped out a photo of the second generation Supra for a different second generation Supra for clarity’s sake.


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