Nitpick all you want about the Italian architecture underpinning the Chrysler 200, but FCA is going to remind you over and over again that this is an American sedan through and through.


Even though Chrysler isn't saying "Imported from Detroit" anymore, this particular ad is a little more "Detroit" than the one we saw during the Super Bowl. Instead of little glimpses of the city here and there, most of the ad was filmed at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant (in a Detroit suburb) where the 200 was built, as well as a few scenes in downtown Detroit. Look closely at the 0:40 mark and you can see the Renaissance Center — also known as GM's headquarters.

Bob Dylan is absent for this one, but instead Detroit singer MoZella sings "Born of Fire" in his place.

Here's another part of the 200's marketing push: Chrysler is now the official marketing partner of the "24" reboot on Fox, so — spoiler! — expect to see Jack Bauer driving a 200 in future episodes starting Monday.

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