Here's A Great Way To Win Back Your Ex-Boyfriend: Run His Mother Over With Your Car

Breaking up is hard to do, as that old pop standard goes. And sometimes, if the breakup-ee is a little unbalanced, clothes can get thrown onto lawns, windshields get smashed, and third party observers get hit with cars.


The latter is exactly what police say happened in sunny Austin, Texas recently. According to this report from KXAN News, cops have charged 22-year-old Elizabeth Segundo McClain with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and stalking after she allegedly ran over her ex's mother with her car.

The TV station reports that McClain had been dating the victim's son off and on for three years, but it ended in September. Over the next few months she would call him as many as 750 times a day(!), and in November sent him 126 text messages in a row. All were blank, the report said, except for two that read, "Annoying Uh?" She also reportedly threatened his family and put sugar in his gasoline tank. That's never cool, lady! Not ever!

But last week, McClain drove to her ex's mom's house, and when the woman walked behind the car to write down a license plate so she could call the cops, McClain "told her ‘Oh no you are not' with a big smile on her face" and then ran her over in reverse, the Austin American-Statesman reported. Sounds like a real charmer.

Anyway, the mom is in intensive care with a bunch of broken bones, and McClain is in jail. No word on whether she and the ex are getting back together.


Do you have any car-related "crazy ex" stories?

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Photo credit Shutterstock/KXAN

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