Why Does This Woman Hate This Honda?

The Honda Accord doesn't engender many feelings in most people. It's a car that looks and acts much like a car should.

So why does this woman hate it so much that she's destroying it with a hammer?

This video, which comes from our brethern down at Jalopnik Brasil, shows an angry lady hitting an Accord with a wee little hammer. First off, we bet this isn't all about the car. Perhaps it's her husband's car and he cheated on her. Maybe it breaks down all the time and she had enough.


Secondly, if she really wanted to damage it, she would use a larger hammer. This is kind of silly.

Which is why it may just be a marketing stunt. It looks like the woman has a microphone on her and the blacked out windows of nearby cars may have cameras in them. Who knows? But we do know it probably wasn't for a Honda ad.

(Hat Tip to Fernando!)

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