Here's A Good Look At The 2021 Ford Bronco's Interior

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Photo: Bronco6G (Fair Use)

The 2021 Ford Bronco is debuting in just a couple of days, but spy photos have been all over the internet for months. We haven’t seen any detailed ones showing the interior, though. Until now.

We’re now seeing more “spy photos” (I use quotes because it’s hard to be certain that these photos weren’t orchestrated in some way) from Bronco6G, the forum that has over the past few months been showing us all sorts of details of the upcoming FoMoCo off-roader.

Bronco6G has permitted Jalopnik to use only the photo above, which shows the steering wheel, driver’s-side door trim, and what appear to be top-of-dash-mounted switches or at least light indicators for the locking differentials. There’s also a switch/indicator with a logo showing a curved arrow starting near the rear axle pointing to the right. I assume this is the “front dig” feature, which drags a rear inboard brake to improve vehicle maneuverability around tight turns, though I’m not sure.


Check out the full album at You’ll see a four-wheel drive dial just below the automatic transmission shifter. On it, you can see modes for two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, four-wheel drive low-range, and “4A,” which is an automatic four-wheel drive setting. This is basically a full-time four-wheel drive mode that requires no driver input, and can be used all the time, whether on loose or dry road surfaces. Ford describes it in the video below:

On Bronco6g you’ll get a nice look at the dashboard trim, which prominently features the name “Bronco.” Plus, you can gander at the front passenger’s grab handle with its exposed fasteners. And there’s even a photo showing the inside of the glovebox, for all you glovebox fetishists.


We’ll see more Bronco details than we could ever hope for on the July 13, but for now, it’s okay to drool over some spy photos. It’s healthy, I’d say.