The ASPCA in New Zealand wanted to prove that shelter dogs are bright, capable animals. This shouldn't be news to anyone, really, but you have to admire the way they went about proving this: they taught a shelter dog to drive. And he looks pretty cool doing it.

Sure, the video's been out for a while, but if there's a better way to kill a few minutes on a Sunday morning than watching a dog drive a Mini, I don't know it. They've modified the Mini Countryman's controls to make the steering wheel grippier (and more chew-tolerant) and the pedal controls have been moved to locations a dog could reach. Also, I'm pretty sure they've severely speed-restricted the car.


Sure, there's a handler walking alongside the car the whole time, but that dog is definitely driving that car. And now Mini may finally be able to unload all those unsold Pacemans to the previously untapped driving dog market.

Now, let's all go adopt some dogs!

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