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Here’s Why Owning A Ford GT Is Harder Than You Think

Poor old Doug DeMuro had to drive seven hours in his Aston Martin Vantage to test drive the 2006 Ford GT. Now he’s trying to convince us this example of American automotive perfection actually has downsides. What nerve!


The man standing behind the Ford GT dares to think some of the car’s quirks are downsides, so let’s go over what he’s come up with:

The fact that part of the roof panel opens with the door, making it difficult to get in. He shows us how “normal” doors work with his Aston Martin Vantage, which also has doors he’s complained about before. Dude, you are driving a Ford GT. You’re universally allowed to double park.


He then complains about the “hand acrobatics” you have to go through to open up the frunk, immediately after saying it’s both possible and easier to just push the button on the key fob. So, uh, just push the button on the key fob, Doug!

Once he acrobatics-es the frunk open, he complains that you can’t actually fit anything in it. It’s called “weight reduction,” Doug. Look it up sometime.

Then Doug squirms over to the hood panel, complaining that it costs $35,000 to replace and requires two free hands and your full attention to open. Millenials, man.

He also complains that the taillights don’t move with the hood panel when open, which would be an issue if the lights weren’t busy keeping you alive when pulled over on the side of the road. Sorry the regulators want to keep you safe.


There’s a complaint that the 2006 Ford he’s reviewing has parts that are known to be from 2006 Fords, and that the same automaker was making the Explorer Sport Trac at the same time. Four words: bread and butter!

Doug also claims that the GT isn’t as intimidating as he expected, and then he is immediately intimidated by it.


Finally, the biggest concern Doug seems to have is the value of the car, which is somewhere in the ballpark of $400,000. Perhaps he’s just trying to dissuade the market and lower the cost, as he’s currently seeking the next Doug Car.

Way to play the system, Doug.

(Miss you.)

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Dear Mr. DeMuro.......