The Subaru BRZ was built for driving pleasure, not high-speed statistics. It's still interesting to watch one reach a top speed of 147 MPH. But was this run illegal?


The video's uploader Speedracer38 states that the run was performed on the Autobahn, which everyone knows is unrestricted in many places. Speedracer38's only other video that references the German highway is clearly in the US, and the description states, "we were driving on the autobahn in Europe..... ;)".


One day before Speedracer38 uploaded his video, another YouTube video showed a BRZ hitting roughly the same speeds (235 kph or 146 mph) while showing a bit of the road. That run clearly was shot on the Autobahn, but as for the one made by Speedracer38? We're more than a little skeptical.

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