Here Is A Nice Mazda RX-7 That Will Surely Pester My Coworker Into Buying One

My sweet coworker David is currently obsessed with the first-generation Mazda RX-7. He wants one. He needs one. He is going crazy without one, so here is a video of one of the world’s best RX-7s to torment him.

This is Jozef Béreš’ Group B-spec Mazda, meaning it is built to the standards of the World Rally Championship’s most unregulated, unhinged years back in the 1980s. The car is loud. Quite loud. The rotary engine is an absolute screamer. I’ve posted this exact video before, years ago, and my ears are still ringing.


I’ve spent a lot of time around first-gen RX-7s thanks to growing up in Northern California and being friends with Evil Genius Racing. I adore these cars very much. Anyone would be a fool not to buy one while they’re still cheap and their life still has many years of energy (for fixing everything that invariably goes wrong with these cars) left.

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