Here Are The Times Movies Got Cars Right

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As we have all identified previously, movies don’t get a whole lot right about cars. Cars don’t explode as often, flip as easily or absorb bullets as well as movies would have us believe. Now it’s time to look at what movies absolutely nail about cars. And car people, for that matter.


Last week, I asked you guys what movies get right about cars. We all know movies tend to stretch the truth about cars way more than they keep things objectively correct. It’s all for the sake of drama, right?

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things that movies keep honest. And that’s what makes these movies memorable. It’s easy to just make something explode for excitement’s sake. It’s harder to work with how things actually are.

Here’s what you, as viewers, came up with.

Ronin (ringtaxi)

Can’t have a discussion about car movies without bringing up Ronin.

Ultimatum (Garland)

Protect that engine.


Personality (geeps and Umoja)

Someone sometimes does a good job of picking out the cars.


Strategy and Physics (PeterB)

Little cars for the win!


Automatic (subexpression)

You can drive an auto even while you are injured.


Start (hoser68)

Start up, dammit! The axe-murderer is coming!


Directions (DonVanSin)

Ain’t that the truth.


Wing Mirror (RedLeader289)

Must go faster.


Modern vs. Vintage (COMTNDRVR)

Also Tom Cruise was too little for Jack Reacher.


A Good Take (4over2 and heeltoehero)

Tokyo Drift was the best one and don’t even try to change my mind.


Bulletproof (ptgreenphone)

Cars! Are! Not! Bulletproof!


Weird (damnthisburnershitsux)

Rich people are weird.

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Andrew Daisuke

Tom Cruise WAS too little to play Jack Reacher.