I’m very fond of the Subaru 360. It’s the perfect car for people who see a VW Beetle and think, “I love it, but can I get something smaller, slower, less safe, and with much less luggage room?” It’s a little charming kook of a car, and the kookiest kook is the Young SS sporty version.

“Sporty” here means a mind-custardizing 36 HP from the little 2-stroke, 2-banger in the butt, along with a jaunty hood stripe, some extra badging and a tach and all that good stuff. Even more importantly, the Young SS version (that name sounds like some weird Nazi-themed rapper name) also had these dazzling commercials which summarized the trancendental nature of Subaru 360 Young SS ownership better than volumes of written words on the subject. Here’s two of them:

There’s so much raw fantastic in these I decided to break you off a bunch of pieces you can enjoy or use when needed, in handy GIF form. Now, whenever you need to really punctuate an online argument or just need a little visual reminder of why you’re here on earth at all, these should do the trick.


You’re welcome.

Run, ghost man! Stare at me over those bucket seats, smolderingly. YES.


Kazzzooopow! Ka-booominga!

Puff-puff, motherfuckers! Smoke that like it’s two-stroke exhaust!



Zoom look wheel click sit stare zoom





Lightning, more goddamn lightning

Comin’ atcha.

Enjoy the seizures!

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