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Isuzu published a number of photos of an Isuzu Trooper in a stream. Here are several of those photos.

These pictures were all meant for public distribution. They went into ads, or brochures, or internet displays, or wherever else carmakers put pictures of their own cars.


At the top of this article you can see a late ‘90s/early ‘00s Isuzu Trooper in a stream in the British Isles.

Here is an American market Trooper of the same generation in another stream. This stream might be in America.


That Trooper sure can handle that water!


Here’s a late ‘80s Trooper II in a more serious stream.


And here’s an earlier Trooper just exiting a stream that has a waterfall. I guess I could call that a river.

The takeaway from these photos is that low levels of water are no problem for an Isuzu Trooper. The Trooper overcomes such an obstacle.


Photo Credits: Isuzu

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