Here Are More Supras Than You'll Ever See In Your Life Ripping Mad Burnouts

GIF via TheHoonigans

Hoonigan hosted a Supra Club Day recently with an unbelievable collection of Supras, and as one does at a place called the “Donut Garage,” they killed some tires. If you love Supras, prepare to go nuts. This video has more Supras than I’ve ever seen in my life, much less in one place at the same time.

This is just so many unbelievably clean looking Supras. Early Supras. Late Supras. JDM parts. Carbon fiber. 2JZs. V8-swapped drift cars.


And yet, it’s still time for burnouts and donuts. Why would you own one of the most incredibly powerful Toyotas ever made if you’re not going to use its horsepower for good to destroy some tires?

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(Their gold chains glisten in the sun as they pound fists in a cloud of vape smoke. Cut to a RIP Paul Walker sticker and fade to black.)

A typical conversation at this, probably.