Watch Wine Glasses Explode In 1,000 Horsepower Supra Exhaust Fireballs

Here’s a suggestion for your next wine tasting: bring a tastefully tuned Supra. The fireballs belched from a Supra’s turbocharged 2JZ will dispose of any glasses you didn’t like in no time, and become the centerpiece of any sophisticated get-together. 

Shenanigan personified and horsepower connoisseur Cleetus McFarland saw an old Lexus LF-A video where they smashed wine glasses with exhaust volume, so he figured he could do that way better—with fireballs. 


Armed with a selection of glassware, he let Justin’s flame-spitting 1,000-horsepower Supra have a go at busting some glasses.

(Skip to 5 minutes in if you just want to see stuff blow up.)

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