Hennessey Challenger SRT600 Turbo Runs Quarter-Mile In 11.9 Seconds, 121 MPH

The folks at Hennessey have finally revealed the quarter-mile time on their mad-crazy Challenger SRT600 — and it's a pretty-stellar-by-Mopar-standards 11.9 seconds, with a top speed of 121 MPH. Although we already knew from our exclusive visit to the Hennessey compound, the Hennessey Challenger SRT600 churns outs 536 HP and 582 lb-ft of torque at the wheels, we'd been waiting to see just how fast it would be. Well, now we know, and we've got video from the Texas-based tuners to prove it.

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The front mount looks vey stealth behind that bumper cover. I like it, looks like a pretty small core though. Good work by Hennessey, this makes me want one even more. I'll bet a 5.7 car would respond very well to boost.