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Helpless Victims Stuck In Traffic Badgered By Uber Drones

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Currently, you can get an Uber in more than 65 cities in Latin America. Uber wants to double that amount by the end of 2017. It also wants to push the carpooling UberPOOL in Mexico City—which is the company’s busiest city in the world—with drone advertisements aimed at the poor souls stuck in traffic. Really.


Money-hemorrhaging Uber has started sending out a fleet of ad-carrying drones, reports Inverse, in order to raise awareness by badgering people stuck in traffic. The advertisement above reads, “The city would be for you, not 5.5 million cars,” clearly pushing for more people to carpool with UberPOOL and reduce the number of cars on the road.

Mexico City is known for its severe traffic jams and nightmarish air pollution levels. The city has already implemented a program that limits which cars can drive on which days, called Hoy No Circula. Despite the city’s initiative, the pollution levels remain high, however.


Plenty of people are in a foul enough mood when stuck in a.m. traffic, so having an alternative where they don’t have to do the driving buzzing in their faces could make them more receptive to the message.

Plus, it’s not like people in traffic are going to go anywhere anytime soon, so Uber can fly as many drones as it wants up and down the traffic jam and the chances are high that people will see them.

via Bloomberg