Help Us Find One Of The Greatest Racing Moves Of All Time

Yes, that’s a Ford Escort flying through the air into a Lancia Stratos, pushing the Italian car out of the racing line. It is one of the most hilarious moves I’ve ever seen in motorsports, I just don’t know what race it’s from.

The overtake comes from a YouTube video titled “EM Rallycross 1983 High Lights,” so we can deduce that this is the European Rallycross Championship, though it could well be the '82 season. At the wheel of the Ford Escort appears to be the legendary Martin Schanche. You know the Norwegian for the most unsportsmanlike moment in racing history, when he ran out in front of a bunch of cars to get a race stopped.

The Stratos is certainly the same car as the one driven by Austrian Andy Bentza in the 1982 season, like we saw just a few weeks ago.


Schanche got a de-winged Xtrac four-wheel-drive Escort for the '83 season, so this is either a different driver (unlikely, since we get a closeup of Schanche right before the overtake is shown), or it's actually a 1982 race (also possible, since the uploader Willem van Dalen admits one of the clips comes from a 1982 race in which he himself rolls an Alpine A110).

Here's the video in full, and the overtake is at around 1:45.

Can you help us pin down the race featuring this incredible overtake?

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Raphael Orlove

Let's see that again in slow motion.