Help Police ID This Car Used In A Wisconsin Armed Robbery And Murder

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Screenshot: Neenah Police (YouTube)

Shortly after midnight on Monday, 59-year-old Kevin Hein was shot and killed during an armed robbery at a bar in Neenah, Wisconsin. His killer is still at large and police are seeking any information that might help identify the suspect or the car he used to flee the bar.

Officers arrived at the Short Branch Saloon at around 12:15 a.m. on Monday to learn an armed gunman robbed money from the bar. The suspect also fired off “four or five shots,” which fatally struck Hein, reports WBAY. First responders were unable to save him. The suspect escaped with cash.

Neenah police provided two videos from the incident. The first depicts the accused killer appearing to put on sunglasses and a face mask outside of the bar, though it’s not clear if the video was taken before or after the robbery and murder.

Police report the suspect to be an adult white male, about six foot of average build, bald or balding or with very short hair and might possibly have a head or face injury.


The second video shows the alleged suspect vehicle leaving the scene, but the clip starts before you can see the suspect getting into the car.

“At this point, it’s trying to collect any evidence we have. A lot of that is going to be video evidence. We have statements from patrons in there who are witnesses, neighbors from a neighborhood canvass. There’s a lot of home security systems in the area, so we’re already tracking down some of those. The bar security systems as well,” Lt. Jason Goetz of the Neenah Police Department told WEAU. “And we’re getting help from outside agencies attempting to locate the suspect vehicle we have a description of.”

The car appears to be dark in color with silver wheels. Our guess? Mid-2000s Honda Accord or Nissan Altima, possibly.


The victim, Hein, whom everyone referred to as “Hollywood,” was “just one of those guys that from what I saw, he was always there to help someone and help the bartenders take out the bottles, empty bottles or the garbage,” Mayor Dean Kaufert told WBAY. “And as I understand it, he, even that night, that’s what he was doing, was helping.”

If you have information regarding this crime, or if you can identify the car, you should call Lt. Pat Pedersen at 920-886-6000. You can also anonymously report a tip to Winnebago CountyWide Crime Stoppers by calling or texting 920-231-8477.