Help Find This Stolen And Lovely 1977 Lincoln

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Sadly, jackasses are still stealing cars in America. I'm not sure what genetic or character flaw is making this still happen, but it's happened again, to a stunning 1977 Lincoln Continental 2-door in St.George, Utah. Let's see if we can help find it.


From the pictures, the car looks incredibly restored, tastefully lowered and white-walled, and has a presence that actually fits with what late '60s and '70s Lincoln ads were promising.

Here's what the owner has to say:

Five years ago, I bought a barely-running, rather hard on the eyes, 1977 Lincoln Continental. The dark, sun burnt, shit-brown paint complimented the shit-brown interior quite nicely. The vinyl top had enough tears and rips to look eerily like a dried lake bed. A series of bent push rods meant that the forty-six thousand pound, late 70's American aircraft carrier had about two cylinders to power it. Over the next five years I slowly transformed the car from the redneck destruction derby machine it was into something looking more appropriate for a Las Vegas drug dealer. The budget was shoe string, and the night hours long, but I've never had a car that had more of my personal love, work and sweat into.

And last night it was stolen. With no leads, the one car I loved more than any other disappeared into the night. A police report has been filed, and friends alerted to keep an eye out for it, but heaven knows nothing matches the power of Jalopnik readership. It would mean more than the world to me to see a quick photo of the missing "Glen Levit" (as it's been nick-named), and to have any leads be forwarded to myself ( or the St. George City Police Department here in Utah.

Let's see if we can't help re-unite Grant and Glen. This car has to stand out wherever it is, and I can't imagine there's many other '77 Continentals in this condition within hundreds of miles.

Good hunting!


I'm assuming that it is flat black and has the exceedingly rare fixed glass roof. Start posting ads online in every place you can think of "looking for" a 2 door roof glass. They are thin on the ground. If these douchebags are going to try to part it, they should know that the glass roof is pure unobtainium. Also contact any Lincoln parts specialists, and advise them that you had one stolen. I know the owner at Lincoln Land in Clearwater Fl., I'll let him know. Good luck, man. That sucks.…