Our first Jalopshift t-shirt was one of Blipshift's most popular shirts ever, which is why we've partnered with blipshift again to produce the ultimate Jalopnik t-shirt. Oh yeah, and you'll have a chance to design it again and then see your shirt at their pop-up store and our big party. Here are the details.


Jalopnik is your favorite source for car news. Blipshift is your favorite automotive clothier. Combine them and you get Jalopshift (we thought Bliplopnik was too much of a mouthful). It's as simple as that.

Rather than come up with our own design, we remembered how much of our greatness is due to the greatness of our community and decided to outsource the design to you. The winner will receive eternal fame, the love of all people, and a few key prizes just like our last winner.

How To Enter

We'll be looking for a design that embodies Jalopnik or one of our frequent memes/references. Humor is important, as always, as well as articulating a sense of what it means to be a member of the Jalopnik community.


If you're an artist, submit your design and proposal in the form of a comment below with an image or images (all art must be your own creation). If you're not an artist, but have a great idea, submit it without art and if we like it we'll reach out to an artist to get the shirt drawn up. You have until April 2nd at 5:00 PM (EST) to submit your idea or design.

Make sure to check back frequently as we may be reaching out to some of you for more information.


We'll announce the winning design the week soon after and the shirt will then go on sale just in time for the big Jalopshift party in New York.

The Prizes

First Prize: Your T-shirt made into a Blipshift design. A one day class at the Skip Barber school courtesy of Blipshift*. Free T-Shirt. VIP party access.


Second Place: Free T-shirt. Jalopnik swag bag. VIP party access.

Third Place: Free T-Shirt. VIP party access.

*Contest Rules, Et Cetera

In addition to the rules listed above, all Gawker Contest Guidelines apply. Design may be altered, with consultation, to meet size and space requirements.


The winner will receive one Skip Barber 1-Day Racing School Course registration with a face value of up to $1,900. Winner must also agree to Blipshift's Artist Terms and Conditions; however winner shall agree to receive the Skip Barber course in lieu of any artist commissions. The winner has until June 1, 2014 to book their desired Racing School session on the track/date of their choosing in 2014.


If you want to enter any other Blipshift contests or submit designs, do so normally at blipshift.com.

Good luck!

Here's logo files for you to work with:


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