Hell Yeah You Can Drift An Audi A4...With 800 Horsepower

People are always calling me saying, "Raphael! Raphael! Why do people buy Audis when rear-wheel-drive cars are so much better at drifting?" Well, you can drift an Audi, so long as you try hard enough.

In this case, "try hard enough" means, "turbocharge the living daylights out of one." This particular Audi A4 from ALM Racing has around 800 horsepower to the wheels, so smoking all four tires is not a challenge.

That video at the top is a few years old, so you'd expect the car would have exploded in a massive burst of overboost, but no, it's still drifting. This was at Gatebil earlier this year.

The rest of you Audi drivers get the same kind of drift action in the snow, so don't feel jealous.

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Chris Kowalski (PeachFingers)

Nothing like a good set of whirlwinds from a high-power AWD car to start your week off with!