Heat-Buckled Highway Causes This Wild Dukes Of Hazzard Jump

Highway 29 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin has buckled during the region's heat wave in just such a way that it formed a kind of ramp. Most cars slowed down, but one took it at high speed with disastrous results.


Seeing a sign that reads "bump" instead of "jump," the SUV takes the crack at too high a speed, leaps into the air, comes down and slews all the way across the other side of the highway, coming to rest in a field. There is no word on the status of the occupants in the vehicle from the local news agencies WQOW or WEAU, but it doesn't appear to end as badly as it could have.

The highway was recently constructed, but it looks like the contract went out to the lowest bidder. America, this is why our roads are rated D- on the Infrastructure Report Card.

(Hat tip to Jonothan!)


Why did he cut away right after the truck landed. I wanted to see if the guy could keep control. They should have some sort of licensing provision for not being a mouthbreathing camera man.

Man I'm salty today.