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I'm sorry officer, I really didn't know how fast I was going. I'm sorry officer, but my wife is having a baby. I'm sorry officer, but I'm a CIA agent responding to a top secret international security breach.

You always think that you could just tell a white lie and get out of a ticket. Regular ticket-receiver Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire shared one of his favorite not-quite-truths when our own Jason Torchinsky found out that saying he was an autojournalist didn't get him out of a speeding fine.


You NEVER tell a cop you're a journalist. When driving a press car you always say you work for the manufacturer as a development driver required to do nothing but put miles on cars 15 hours a day for "fuel economy reasons" and if you get a ticket you lose your job. Auto journalist makes cops jealous. Being stuck driving a fuel economy route on repeat will make them sympathetic.

Have you ever told a cop giving you a ticket something that wasn't exactly true? Dd it get you out of the ticket? Feel free to sign up for a burner account if you're afraid of some possible repercussions in your answer.

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