Have an Existential Crisis as You Watch Mr. Regular Review a C5 Corvette

Regular Car Reviews is at it again with an impending sense of melancholy dread!

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2000 Chevrolet Corvette C5 6MT: Regular Car Reviews

Mr. Regular is at it again. He reviewed a car — a car I love — and it left me with an existential crisis. Longtime RCR fans know the channel has done some deep dives into life, stretching far beyond the car that’s being reviewed. This takes it a step further.

This week, Mr. Regular and Roman reviewed a C5 Chevy Corvette. Anyone else would have made a billion dad jokes and moved on, but not here. That’s not to say there aren’t dad jokes or boomer criticisms abound, because there are plenty in the first 10 minutes. However, at that time mark, the tone changes.

I won’t spoil too much for you. I can never do their words justice. Just know that after you watch this, you’ll suddenly realize all of the names and faces of people you once knew are hard to picture, and even though you’re only 25, you’re slowing down just a bit. Not a lot, mind you, but a bit.


You’re also going to realize that just yesterday you were going out with some friends, but it wasn’t just yesterday. It was 13 years ago. I don’t exactly know what this feeling is. I’m probably not mature mentally enough to really understand it. I just know how I feel — not what I feel. Does that make sense? I feel like it does.

So, I implore you. Watch this review. You’ll feel different about the C5 — and just about everything else — when that 15 minutes is up.

Yeah I know this sounds like a bit of a bummer for a Friday afternoon. But it’s so hot, and it’s got me thinking about time gone by and things I did during summer recess.

I’ve been a fan of Brian and Nick’s work since I discovered them in a lonely dorm room my freshman year at Penn State nearly eight years ago, but to me, this may just be their best yet.