Has Your Neighborhood Ever Despised Your Car?

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I have a particular screw loose that makes me love junky, rusty, scrappy old cars. Beaters. Most neighborhoods, however, do not.

Neighbors and neighborhood groups tend to complain about things like 'property values' and that the local children got 'Tetanus' from your 'rusty' fenders. This is all bullcrap. Old cars rule, like that Rolls-Royceamino we saw today. Reader NoSubs figured he knew the backstory for the car.


I envision the story behind this being:

The owner lives in a gated community, one with all sorts of rules. You can't paint your garage door anything other than beige or brown, your grass can't ever be longer than 2 inches, no chairs or furniture are allowed on the front porch, etc, etc. The owner was growing very tired and annoyed of receiving notices from the condo board about seemingly minor infractions.

One day the owner left his Ford F350 King Ranch on the driveway (usually it gets a nice spot in the garage). While rushing out of the house to one of the many properties he has under development, he saw a condo board infraction notice on the windshield! To his dismay, it turns out there is a rule against parking a pick-up truck on the driveway!

"THAT'S IT!!! I've had it with these rules!!!" the owner exclaimed. He grabbed his phone, called his friend's auto body shop and said, "Make me a Rolls Royce pick-up truck. Drop it off on my driveway when it's done."

This battle battle with the condo board isn't over...

What's the most trouble your neighborhood has ever given you over your personal crapcan?


Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove