Has Your Car Ever Tried To Kill You In Your Garage?

Today we saw Ben Wojdyla almost get his face turned into mincemeat by a rogue spring, shooting out of a car with no warning. What's the closest call you've had with a car in a garage?


Our readers haven't had any terribly close calls with springs, always remembering to use spring compressors (though reader Maxzillian was sketched out even when he had a compressor).

Ricorich196 pointed out one historical instance when springs got the better of their human users.

In one of my psych lectures on parts of the brain we had to read a story about a man who was doing work on a truck and had one a spring shoot up under his jaw and right into a part of his brain, the man survived but the injury to his brain made it impossible for him to speak.

Crazy stuff and now I stay away from all springs, even a slinky can make me uneasy.


So what's been your closest call with a car in a garage?

Photo Credit: Car and Driver

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