When I was a little kid, my parents had a red five-door Toyota Tercel. I will always love Toyota Tercels now. What I mean to say is that personal relationships can make you love a car. They can also make you hate a car, too.

If, for instance, the only person who owned a BMW 3.0 CS in your neighborhood when you were growing up was a total asshole, that could make you associate every BMW 3.0 CS with assholes. Then you'd hate BMW 3.0 CSs. This is of course a hypothetical, as only the finest humans beings have sufficiently impeccable taste to purchase a 3.0CS.


While we were talking about the demise of the Harley Davidson Ford F Series, The Good The Bad And The Washington told his own story of knowing someone who ruined that truck for him. It started with rainfather explaining why some not-terrible people bought that particular F150.

Ok, I agree that most of the Harley trucks went to the exact people that you are making fun of and should be made fun of. But, some of the early year models went to people that wanted a Lightning but needed more than 2 seats. I know a few guys that have them just for that reason and could care less that it had anything to do with Hardley Davidson.

The Good The Bad And The Washington

I only know one person who drives one. And he's the scum that sorbet scum call scum. He's a heroin dealing prick that watches porno is full view of all children in my neighborhood, and he gets pissed over any noise anyone makes in the neighborhood.


Well there's that. Though that type of person sounds more like the type that it doesn't really matter what he drives, he's just worthless scum.

The Good The Bad And The Washington

Yeah, but it just ruined the truck for me. Whenever I see one I get angry, because its usually him driving around town.

Has one bad person ever ruined a car for you?

Photo Credit: BMW via Car-CM.jp