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Has BMW Saved 'M' Cars?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This week's launch of multiple M-branded diesel-powered cars now gives the BMW M brand an even larger footprint within the company. It also gives more ammo to those M fans who think the company is diluting the mighty M. Who is right? Who is wrong?


BMW first transferred the knowledge from their Motorsports division into street cars with the creation of the amazing M1. In the years that followed M transformed itself into a maker of the high performance versions of their sports cars and sedans.


Lately, BMW's expanded the lineup into other cars. Crossovers like the X6 M and SUVs like the X5 M now proudly carry that meaningful letter.

Many say all of this is conspiring to ruin M. To water it down. But could BMW actually be saving M by expanding it? Rather than letting their performance brand disappear through lack of models (like Ford let happen with SVT for a time), isn't the fact that BMW is making exciting versions of most of its vehicles a good thing?

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