Hartge Breaks the Gentlemen's 155mph Agreement

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To paraphrase, oh about 17 different people, "We knew Mr. Hartge, and he's no gentleman." Temptation apparently got the better of German tuning house Hartge as it rubbed its technology mojo all over the new V10-powered BMW M5, as the company removed the 155mph limiter that traditionally keeps most autobahn burners from their potential. Now, the tuner version of the factory rocket can hit (depending on tires o'course) close to 200mph, gentleman's agreement be damned. [Update: Our buddy Ben reminds us that other tuning shops have broken the 155mph limit "agreement," as have some manufacturers. We should point out that Hartge is only making news by freeing the super-fast M5 from its factory bonds, not by doing away with the limit in general.]


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