Harley-Davidson Dealership Gives Motorcycles Away To People In Need

Harley-Davidson Iron 883, may or may not be one of the motorcycles given away by Wilkins.
Harley-Davidson Iron 883, may or may not be one of the motorcycles given away by Wilkins.
Photo: Harley-Davidson

The pandemic rages on, but a Harley-Davidson dealership in Vermont has an interesting idea to make at least a few lives better.


Wilkins Harley-Davidson in Barre, Vermont, is running what it calls the Freedom For All Project, reports RideApart. Through it, the dealership gives away a motorcycle to a person in need for every 50 motorcycles that it sells.

Wilkins says that the program will provide a reliable motorcycle to residents in Vermont, New Hampshire and Northern New York. Residents apply to the program through Wilkins and the dealership picks who is most deserving from the bunch. If the recipient doesn’t have a motorcycle endorsement, the dealership will also teach them how to ride for free.

The dealership thinks that people who can’t afford a luxury like a motorcycle still deserve to have fun; and what better way to have fun than to experience the open road on two wheels? Customer Experience Manager Mark Frano told RideApart:

“Motorcycles provide a kind of release and a way to get away from our troubles and anxieties.”

“There’s a fair amount of people who could probably use that release but don’t have the means to get on a $20,000 Harley-Davidson motorcycle.”

That $20,000 figure seems like an exaggeration, but remember that Harley-Davidson axed its cheaper models and is instead banking on certified pre-owned motorcycles as part of its turn around strategy.

I reached out to the dealership for clarification on what kinds of motorcycles that recipients are getting. It sounds like these motorcycles aren’t going to be brand new Road Kings right off of the showroom floor. Frano told me:

The recipients will get a well-cared for, pre-owned motorcycle in excellent condition. It may, or may not be a Harley. The idea, of course, is to provide the experience of riding to someone in need.


The big caveat is that Wilkins sells about 300 motorcycles a year. That means that the dealership will only give away six motorcycles. Still, I think that’s better than a lame Starbucks gift card.

Normally, I’d say that the best way to help someone in need is to give them cash. However, I see the value in something like this. Motorcycles are a great way to escape the troubles of daily life. Gear up, fire up that bike and have a good time.

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And they get to choose who gets it. So they can make sure it’s someone they “like”.