Thieves Steal Four Harley-Davidsons From Dealership In Hollywood-Style Robbery

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Gif: Kokomo Police Department (Getty Images)

Some movies are known for their bombastic ways at depicting crime, and every once in a while real life imitates art. This theft of four Harley-Davidsons from a dealership in Kokomo, Indiana, challenges Hollywood for the cleanest heist caught on camera.

On March 17, four thieves broke into Harley-Davidson of Kokomo, reports the Kokomo Police Department. Two minutes later, the quartet of bandits rolled out of the front door on their stolen steeds. Kokomo Police posted surveillance camera video from the dealership and there’s a lot going on.

I’m amazed that this camera has such decent video quality. So many crimes get captured by cameras outputting so few pixels that you could almost count each one on the screen.


The crew worked quickly and efficiently to pilfer the bikes. They’re also decked out in motorcycle gear from top to bottom. While the robbers are probably wearing the gear to obscure any identifying features, I like to think that they’re simply geared up for a safe ride.

I’m impressed with how quickly everything goes down. Everyone takes a bike, gets it started and files out. They even weave between other motorcycles in the showroom on to a quick getaway.


I can’t help but laugh at the last robber for getting out of there with a turn signal on.

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Screenshot: Kokomo Police Department

It’s not known how the thieves were able to get the motorcycles started so quickly. Harley-Davidsons use a key fob instead of a physical key, much like a modern car. If that fob isn’t around, the bike won’t start unless a security code is entered. It could be possible that the robbers knew the default security code or that the fobs were nearby.

According to Kokomo Police, they made off with a 2020 Street Glide Special and three 2021 Street Glide Special motorcycles. Together, the cruisers add up to over $95,000. The police are asking for anyone with information to come forward.


This is only the latest in bad news from this dealership. A few weeks ago, the Indiana Attorney General’s Office said that Harley-Davidson of Kokomo and other dealerships in the state charged excessive document preparation fees, reports Kokomo Tribune. Harley-Davidson of Kokomo charged $299 in document fees while state law says that dealers may not charge more than $200. The dealership agreed to pay 504 customers $100 restitution checks.

One thing is for sure, these thieves did such a clean job that it’s right up there with Gone in 60 Seconds for execution.