Happy Holidays From Jalopnik

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We'll be taking a quick break from the rigors of posting automotive goodness this week, taking a half-day here at Jalopnik today and tomorrow. But if you're still in the mood for what we've been wanting all year, check out our Holiday Gift Guide to see what we're hoping Santa (or Chanukah Harry) leaves under the tree (or bush) tonight. Of course Santa (or Harry) may pull something for us out of his Ho-Ho-Hummer from our Jalopnik Holiday Re-Gift Guide, which probably means we were naughty (or a schmendrick) this past year. But regardless of which list we end up on, we're hoping you're all on the good list this year and whatever holiday you celebrate (if any) is a happy one.


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Happy Holidays to the Jalonik Crew and the elite army of commenters. Thank you for keeping my obsession with the cult of cars alive and well.