Happy Friday! Instead of doing anything useful today, I suggest using your office’s resources to print out and build this 1971 Ford Pinto model. Not that you can see the extreme-rear location of the gas tank on the bottom there, which would become a big deal later in the Pinto’s life.


Also cool? Look at that optional toolkit-key in the upper left! That’s fantastic!

Anyway, this one is a bit higher-res than I usually put these up, so click on the magnifier, save the big image, print it out, and grab some scissors!

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Evan Hayden

Ok I built it! Color-shifted it to blue, just to put a different spin on it.

Looks a bit janky, but that’s due to my fumbly fat fingers.

I like how the “lemon” from my tasty beverage lines up appropriately with it, hehe.