There is nothing better sounding than the wail of the flat six in a Porsche 911 GT3 at full tilt. There is nothing worse sounding than that Porsche 911 GT3 spinning off the road into a ditch at the hands of a shit driver.

This South African Porsche test drive starts off as any of them do: With a full throttle blast through the gears. Naturally, a pursuing gearhead gets out a camera to record the magic of Porsche finest 911 variant.


He's obviously excited to hear the legendary sound and fury of the Mezger engine. What he doesn't expect is the additional sound of crunching metal as the driver spins the 911 off the road after a red light, into a ditch, and into other things as well.

Naturally, the driver of the pursuing car is both horrified and amused. And now he has a story to tell his friends. The Porsche driver also has a story to tell his friends, but I bet he chooses not to.