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Halloween Zombie Display With Bloody Toyota Supra Divides A New Jersey Neighborhood

Just when you thought no third-generation Toyota Supra strife could match your Facebook arguments over the pros and cons of buying one, some New Jersey residents decided to use one for a bloody Halloween display in their front yard. Some neighbors say it’s great, others think it’s “too much.”


CBS New York reports that homeowners Kevin and Krysten Negrotto consider the scene with a Mark III Supra pinning a “zombie” to a tree in their front yard to be a creative display for trick-or-treaters. But the two have been getting nasty messages about it, so much so that Kevin Negrotto declined to go on camera for an interview with the outlet.

Here’s the scene, from a CBS New York report on it:

The original display did not have the extra zombie in it, according to CBS New York. The outlet reports that police in Ocean County, New Jersey were slammed with calls complaining about the scene, and that after police came by the house, the Negrottos added a fictional story about “Bob” turning into a zombie after drinking contaminated water near a power plant. They also added the body of Cindy the zombie on the ground after the police visit, according to the report.


(A post on a Facebook page that appears to belong to Krysten Negrotto said the fictional story had “been there since the beginning,” but that rain ruined it and they had to take it down before replacing the sign altogether.)

Local police told CBS New York that they can’t issue tickets for decorations, and that the family can decorate how they like. But residents are at total odds on how to feel about it, as shown by the CBS New York report:

“I think it’s awesome, I really do,” Waretown Resident Donna said. “I don’t know what the problem is, it’s Halloween fun.” ...

Most people who spoke with CBS2 say they have no problem with the gruesome display, but others say it’s just too realistic.

“I think it’s too much,” resident Renee Reeves said. “We have a lot of young kids here, families. Too much.”

Adding that the display is in poor taste, others say it looks like a drunk driving accident.

“His brother was 17,” one driver said, pointing to his passenger. “1995, we buried him. Yeah. So we know what it’s like.”

The Facebook post that appears to be from Krysten Negrotto also elaborated on the story behind the zombie car-crash scene, which she said was her son’s idea. Her son, she said, loves Supras and came up with “Zombie Bob.” Krysten and Kevin Negrotto just made his idea happen, the post said.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Takuro Spirit

What are these people all bent out of shape about?

Of course its fake. If it was real it’d be a Mustang pinning a pedestrian to a tree, not a Supra.