Haha Bugatti May Make A 'More Affordable' 2+2 Model Called The Atlantic: Report

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First: some clarification. Bugattis are definitely affordable. Their price tags wouldn’t cause any kind of hesitation for the millionaires that buy them. But for the rest of us working nine-to-six jobs, we’re looking for a Bugatti that costs a hair less than a few million dollars. Thank God that might be in the works soon!

Automobile Magazine’s Georg Kacher reported yesterday that, per an unnamed source, there could be a cheaper Bugatti coming. From the story:

Although Bugatti did toy with the idea of replacing the Chiron with an all-electric hypercar, it has been ordered to lower its sights to a more affordable sports car whose DNA can be shared with other VW Group premium brands.

Tentatively named Atlantic, the second Bugatti offering will likely be a two-door 2+2-seater genetically connected to the Lamborghini Nuova E-spada. Both models are short-wheelbase evolutions of the 680 hp Panamera Turbo S plug-in hybrid.


Kacher asserts that such a Bugatti would have even more “extreme components” than the Lamborghini. Because it’s still a Bugatti and not a lowly Lamborghini.

You’ll remember the Atlantic first as the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, of which there are only two in the world. One of them belongs to Ralph Lauren. It’s really fucking expensive.


Which makes Bugatti possibly bringing it back as a nameplate for a cheap Bugatti all the more fun. If Bugatti makes this highly affordable people-carrier, I will certainly run over to my local Bugatti dealership during its Memorial Day blowout sale.


We have reached out to Bugatti for confirmation and will update if we hear back.