Hacked URL Codes Reveal The 2021 Ford Bronco's Optional Tube Doors

The 2021 Ford Bronco checks almost all of the right boxes for an off-roader you can live with, and Ford is doubling down on customization with new options, including these newly-leaked tube-frame doors.

Members of the Bronco6G forums have been busy dissecting the web URL of one of the public vehicle configuration pages, discovering ways of altering the letters and numbers in the web address to generate previews of various trim and option combinations, some of which we haven’t seen yet.


The big news are the tube frame doors, which are believed to be an additional option that can be purchased and swapped with the regular doors all willy nilly, as the SUV has been designed to do. Ford previously announced a different set of optional doors, which are half-doors with cutouts for those who want some exposure but are still worried about the design lines of the vehicle, or something.

The tube frame doors are different. In the image generated by the “hacked” website URL, they appear graphically intertwined with the Bronco’s regular production doors. This is certainly just a system glitch that’s likely still getting worked out. Again, these visuals weren’t meant for public display just yet. Too bad!

Other members playing with the URL code managed to get some different glitched results, like this one showing the bumper sticking out of a wheel:

Or this one that doesn’t seem to have any bumper or runner trim equipped:


Another hacked preview generated some nice previews of what the body color hardtop looks like in bright red, both attached and removed:


Instructions for how to play with the URL are available over on the Bronco6G forums, but it would appear Ford has already managed to pull access from the site. Still, the thread contains hundreds of variations generated by users, so if you’re curious what the different color and trim combos can look like, take the afternoon to sift through the thread.



I’ve owned a CJ or Wrangler since 1994 and the Bronco may put an end to that. I plan on waiting a year for them to work out the kinks and to get the incentives that you just know will eventually be on the vehicle. I’d also like to wait until they offer the TTV6 with a manual.  The 4 pot ain’t bad, but very few people ever think “I wish I’d purchased the smaller engine.”