Guy's Dog Rides On The Back Of His Scooter Holding His Umbrella

A little scooter isn’t exactly a vehicle that conveys a lot of status. That’s why you have to dress it up a little with something that really shows your position, like, say some big chromed mirrors. If you really want to do it right, like this guy, you could get a specially-trained dog-valet to ride with you, holding your umbrella.

Holy crap, right? That dog has fantastic posture, and seems remarkably at ease sitting there on the back of the seat, hands casually draped on his master’s shoulders, dutifully clutching that full-sized umbrella in his mouth.


I bet the dog has his wallet, too, so when this guy orders a drink, he just snaps his fingers and the dog deposits the exact change right there on the bar. It’s hard to tell where exactly this was shot, but I suspect it may be in Russia.

That’s a hell of a dog.

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Ash78, voting early and often

Is this where the expression “Riding Bitch” comes from?