When was the last time you called your mom? Recently? You should. When was the last time you took her autocrossing? You really should. This guy did in his girlfriend’s borrowed GTI, and he got some pretty momtastic results.


Here’s what Scott, our mother-having autocrosser, had to say about it:

A little background to the video... I was planning on taking my modified Subaru Forester (cause what kind of Jalop would I be if I didn’t have a semi-crazy Fozzy?) but my CV boot tore and I had no idea until the day before the autocross event when I was adjusting my coilovers. A couple pictures of the Forester are attached. One from an autocross event in Gainesville, FL, and one from a track day at Roebling Road Raceway near Savannah, GA.

Rather than racing a car with no grease in the CV joint, my girlfriend allowed me to take her stock 2014 GTI (4-door, DSG)​​. I knew I would get a reaction out of my mom, based on the noises she makes when I hoon about with her in the car, but I had no idea how much noise she would make. Anticipating greatness, I set up the camera to record her and off we went.

She immediately starts with an expletive, naturally, thanks for keeping it family from Mom... Then comments “Autumn’s gonna need new tires!”, referring to my girlfriend. After a few more eeeeee’s and oooooo’s I get a little motherly praise before it is over.


I think it’s that little bit of sweet mom-praise at the end that makes it. That mom is momming at maximum mom there.

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