Guy Lands Red Bull F1 Job By Building Paper Models

Take on look at these models and you'll understand why.

This is Paul Bischof. He studied mechanical engineering at Graz University of Technology and now he's working as a composites engineer at Red Bull Racing. RBR hired him, basically, to do his own hobby, and when you see the products of that hobby, it's absolutely clear why.

If there's any way to demonstrate how well you can think in three dimensions, it has to be building dozens of these perfectly accurate F1 models, complete with modeled hoses pumps, and lines completely out of sight.


And all of these complex shapes are made completely out of flat paper.

Well, except for the seat belts. Paul made those out of Christmas ribbon.

As the folks on r/Formula1point out, this is only a one-year student placement at the team, so I hope that Paul does well enough to get a full-time gig. That or this is all a perfect cover to get more accurate details for his models.


You can see all of Paul's work on his blog right here, it's all as fantastic as you'd imagine.

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