This Is What It's Like To Get Hit By A GoPro At 160 MPH

Make sure your GoPro is secured the next time you hit the track, otherwise you might end up launching it at somebody at 160 miles an hour.

Here's the video of things looking extremely bad for one motorcycle rider at a recent trackday.


Now read the caption and you'll see how lucky the guy actually was.

Rider, Barry Reynolds, was hit by a GoPro at over 160 mph during a motorcycle track day at Texas World Speedway. The camera had fallen off a bike ahead of him.

The camera smashed through the windscreen and destroyed the gauge cluster on it's way to hitting the rider in the chest. You can imagine what could have happened if it would have been about a foot higher.

Please tether your cameras when on the track.

Here's another look at that damage.

Stay safe out there, everybody.

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