Guess How Much An Aston Martin DB11 Costs In India

An Aston Martin DB11 in not-India. Photo Credit: A-M
An Aston Martin DB11 in not-India. Photo Credit: A-M

The new Aston Martin DB11 starts at around $212,000 here in the United States. Any guess on how much it costs in India? No. More than that.

The DB11 just got its official launch over in India, as reported by the wonderful India Autos Blog, which also happens to have the car’s debut pricing.

4.27 crore.

For those of you not wildly familiar with Indian money, one crore is ten million rupees, which prices the new Aston Martin at about $642,000.


If you’re curious, a Ferrari 488 GTB is a mere 3.88 crore, a drop-top Lamborghini Huracan is 3.89 crore, and an AMG GT is down around 2.4 crore. This Aston is not cheap.

If you ever think you have it bad as a car enthusiast in the United States, remember that cars are about as the cheapest here as they are anywhere in the world.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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No surprises there. My relatives in India have a Civic, which is in the $30k range and a mid 2000s Camry which was somewhere in the $40k range when new.

I lust over the new Montero they have for sale over there, but that thing is well over $100,000.

The “status” of these cars is reflected in the price though. The Camry is seen as a pretty premium full-sized sedan there.