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Guard Rail Impales All The Way Through Car Just Missing Driver

Illustration for article titled Guard Rail Impales All The Way Through Car Just Missing Driver

This is one of those wrecks that makes you involuntarily scrunch up your face and say things like “holy crap” before you even realize you’re doing it. Early this morning near San Diego, a 21 year old woman somehow managed to put a guard rail all the way through her car.


Just look at that Nissan Sentra there. The CHP isn’t exactly sure how it happened, but somehow the driver, tooling south down the 805 in Kearny Mesa, CA, managed to drift over far enough in her lane that she impacted the end of a guard rail head-on, sending it into the engine bay, through the firewall, dashboard and interior of her car, and exiting out the rear window. Incredibly, it missed her entirely, the whole incident leaving her with only minor injuries.

By avoiding a massive spear of metal traveling at about a mile-a-minute through the inside of her car, this woman managed to, most likely, use up every last molecule of luck she has left. As proof of this, he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.


Regardless: yikes.

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I was amazed at how many ‘guardrail through car’ images there are on Google. This is one of the most unusual ones.