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Group of 30 Thieves Steal 13 Cars From Michigan Dealership

The driver of one of the stolen cars later wrecked it and died.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
The crashed, stolen Ford Mustang
Photo: Fox 2 Detroit

On Monday, a large group of car thieves broke into a dealership in Flint, Michigan, stealing 13 vehicles. And things only went downhill from there.

The Drive reports that the group broke in at about 3:00 am and exchanged gunfire with the security guard on duty. Thankfully, the guard wasn’t killed or even injured. The thieves then used the stolen cars to break down the gate, and in the process, damaged several other cars.


One of the thieves drove off in a Ford Mustang, crashing it around 4:00 am. The car caught fire, and the driver died at the scene. Two of the other stolen cars were involved in the wreck, but it’s not clear whether or no anyone else was injured.

Nearby Oakland University had reason to believe the drivers of the two stolen Dodge Durangos were on campus and issued a shelter-in-place order. That order was eventually lifted when a witness reported seeing people who fit the thieves’ description driving away from the area.


Police said it’s “not uncommon” for cars to be stolen from dealerships but did note that it’s the first time they’re aware that shots were fired during the robbery. So far, they’ve arrested two suspects and recovered seven of the 13 stolen vehicles in Oakland County and the Detroit area, according to a report by Fox 2 Detroit. They also said they believe the robbery was the work of an unknown group of organized car thieves, likely operating out of Detroit.

Considering the gun violence, the large number of people involved, and their reckless driving, it’s honestly surprising that more people weren’t hurt. Hopefully, police will be able to track down the remaining suspects and shut down the group before they do it again. The next time this happens, the security guards and other innocent bystanders may not be so lucky.