Green! Green! Green! At The 25 Hours Of Thunderhill

The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) 25 Hours of Thunderhill is underway. Drivers, crews and these poor cars have just started the longest two days of their lives.


The 25 Hours of Thunderhill (the longest closed course endurance race in the world) is officially running. Factory backed teams (Honda has 3 factory cars, Mazda has 4) are at this event putting their products to the ultimate 25 hour test.

In the paddock the factory team car haulers tower over the grassroots team's Walmart canopies. The less supported teams (guys who spent all of their kid's Christmas present money prepping the car for the event and have a set of tools made up entirely from the dollar bin at Pep Boys) do their best to beat the elements, the clock and the factory teams. I'm rooting for the under-funded-dogs. Only time (25 hours of it) will tell us who is victorious.


To view live timing of the event click here.

Photos by Photography.

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