GreatWall Motors is finally entering the "car" market with their CHC011-codenamed sport sedan concept managing to take the very best luxury-design cues and muck them up in a way only a Chinese automaker can.


The CHC011 is GreatWall's first foray into the 'car' building business as they're mostly known for SUVs and trucks. Set to debut next week at the Shanghai Auto Show, the concept will feature a 3.0-liter V6 mated with a six-speed automatic transmission, 8 airbags (1 primary and 7 backups, just in case), ESP and ABS. ABS? Wow, we weren't even sure that was still a truly marketable option and makes the damn thing sound more like a used car salesman's pitch to us.

Aside from a killer options list the CHC011 will feature some truly unique styling, well, if you consider unique the 'borrowing' of design cues from the gorgeous Mercedes CLS. From a distance you may be fooled, but get up close and it's a whole and you'll discover that the CHC011 is scary enough, that if ever put in the same room, would make Chairman Mao's earthquake-proof crystal coffin crack at first site.

We'll bring you live shots from the show floor next week when we visit the 2009 Shanghai Auto Show. We'll be delicately practicing our Engrish until then. [via ChinaCarTimes]