Last week we showed you the Best Craigslist Car Ad Ever — a posting for a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am GT that needed a head gasket with some manner of beard-growing, life-bettering unicorn power. Then we brought you the story of the two guys behind it. Now a high school shop teacher's taken the car off their hands. Here's the next chapter in the already-hilarious story.


In an exclusive interview with Jalopnik, the duo have confirmed that the car was, in fact, donated, not sold, to a shop teacher named Mike.

Mike will reportedly restore the car to running condition, then he and his students will be modifying the car much more extensively. Kyle (the original ad's designer) has told me "the final result will be both relevant to the car's fame, and exciting."

So, maybe a beard? Maybe there's a hint in the silhouette of the car in the press release. Maybe.


Here's the text of the press release, available exclusively here. Allegedly, spelling has even been checked this time, but Jalopnik word-spelling experts have not confirmed this:

Last week a hero was born. People all over the world ignored their responsibilities/children, and watched as the teal 1995 Pontiac Grand Am GT took its rightful place as king of all things masculine. The car is now an international icon, and enthusiasts have called restlessly for the chance to purchase what the mass media has labeled "the manliest car ever."

Selecting an owner worthy of this breakthrough vehicle was difficult. Potential buyers offered appealing trades ranging from mountains of bacon to first born sons, but failed to follow through. Still, one fearless shop teacher named Mike stood out, promising the Pontiac new life in a way that words cannot describe. With the help of his high school and adult protégés, this automotive mastermind will rewrite history on the world stage, growing a forest of chest hair in the process. Your journey to manhood has just begun.


If you want to help sponsor the conversion or be involved, contact Kyle. Doing so will likely free you from having to do anything else of value for the rest of your lives.

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