Goddamn Matchbox, Just Because

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We're having one of those melancholic evenings that seem endemic to self-styled pundits who give a care about the latest camshaft developments for the LS7, but could in reality offer up less than a literary a toss regarding any sort of technnincal penning, unless of course, they've got reason to be prefaced with the phrase, "This girl I've been sleeping with..." We might, however change our tune if GM deigns to give us an a 427 smallblock for evaluation purposes. And let's face it the probability of that is roughly equivalent to the likelihood of Dubya constructing a Harvey Milk monument in his Crawford garden.


But still, even if appropriator and suck-inducing toymaker Mattel has long-since bought up and turned out this basition of British replicar-mini awesomeness, we'll never forget our metalflake-blue MR2 with the then-revolutionary/novel compact-disc-type wheels or the night that we seduced a woman who proved to be more than a match for our minimally-developed undoing-defenses to the tune of the late, lamented, under-appreciated Engine 88's "Matchbox". And yes, mofos. We've still got our 1:64-scale Supervan from 1987. We dare you to front.

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Downtown Joe

I saw this band called Hammerbox 12-13 years ago. The female lead really had some pipes. She gave me a free tape (and a wink) after the show.

It bugged me that whenever I (years later) mentioned the band, people would correct me with, "Oh — You mean Matchbox Twenty, right?"

I hated that.

Damn you, Mattel.